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Better than real cookies, because I don't have to bake them.

I have so many snowflake cookies, you guys! Thank you all, mostly anonymous persons! We do not have real snow here yet, thank the gods, so perhaps the pretty virtual ones are staving it off.

We can but hope. It is, however, really fucking cold out. I think that's enough, really.

We have hot water again! It's like a miracle! The kettle doesn't take fifteen minutes to boil any more! We can SHOWER. Guys, plumbing is AWESOME. So awesome that maybe we should have had the bloody plumber in FOUR DAYS AGO so that we could have enjoyed its many benefits sooner. Assholes.

And I have but one exam remaining. And I think I got a job for next semester, maybe? I won't know until next week. And I applied for a holiday job on my way home. And poor beleaguered roomie is nearly done her papers. SOON IT WILL BE OVER.

P.S. The Court of the Air is thus far extremely creepy. Mainly because I can't get past the whole "No king shall ever raise arms against his people again" = "Let's cut off his arms and keep him as a pet! And then his kid, too! And HIS kid! It'll be... uh... symbolic!"


Too much literalism rots your teeth, kids. *shudder*
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