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It's almost OVER.

I got handed off to circulation at work today, because it's end of semester and the usual shelvers scatter with terror under the looming spectre of exams. Since I have but one exam remaining (and I'm going to KICK ITS ASS), I happened to actually show up at work today.

So. I'm listening to this song over and over again:

And I'm shelving books, boogeying a little, because I'm in the best mood I've EVER been at the tail-end of a semester - straight As, no more papers, went to IHOP for breakfast this morning with my sisters before coming to school - and I turn my head to see this guy standing at the end of the aisle between stacks, looking sort of bitter and depressed, looking from the shelves to me to the shelves again. So I pop out my earbud, and ask in what for me is a downright perky tone (if you can imagine such a thing): "Looking for something?"

"Um," says the guy. He was kind of cute, actually. Very tall, shaved head and glasses. Second cute boy with same superficial features I've seen in two days. "I think I'm losing my mind. Is Canadian history around here?" He waved his hands vaguely.

"Yup, you've got it." And I pointed.

He was silent a moment, then asked me: "Can I ask - were you dancing, just then?"

Of course this is where I turned bright pink. "Um, maybe?"

He sort of smirked at me? In a despairing sort of way.

"I'm in a good mood!" I said. "I'm all but done exams and I'm done all my papers and I'm having the least stressful semester of my post-secondary career. Sue me."

"You," he said, pointing at me, "are an evil, evil woman."

And then he took his book down from the shelf and slumped back to his table, to fight the fight of the last-minute research paper.

AND I can work until the end of the year, AND I might have another job next week, AND I'm going to hand in my resume at the cute little boutique shop on Commercial that's hiring Xmas help, and I'm in a good mood today.

I can't help it.

Sorry. :P

ETA: They appear to be doing four-part harmony, and their band has a CELLO in it. I sort of want to lick them all. It's a weakness. Am I alone in this? ;)
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