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*grim* (Also: DOGGIES.)

Last ridiculous Business Communications assignment submitted. Last quiz written. One more assignment for cataloguing, and two finals on Monday and Tuesday, and then I am done. DONE.

We still have no hot water. The strata council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to wait until Monday to have the guy in to install the new boiler, presumably because plumbers charge extra to come in on weekends. My response to this, of course, was "who the fuck CARES?" but apparently the strata wasn't listening, because they're a bunch of penny-pinching bastards who don't care about the inconvenience of the building being without hot water for four days because all the council members are owners rather than renters and can afford to get a hotel room to take their showers in.

I washed my hair in the kitchen sink this morning. Can you tell?

My little sister came over this afternoon with her new (12-week-old) puppy, though, and we and Ginny and Faildog went over to the off-leash dog park just on the other side of Boundary. A grand time was had by all, with the running, and the playing, and the getting un-fucking-believably muddy. But little Ginny has gotten just a little more used to Other, Bigger, More Important Dogs than she was this morning, which is something. Pekoe was incredibly well-behaved, and did not embarrass me once in front of the yuppie dog-owners. I didn't once have to say "oh, no, she's not my dog, she's my roommate's!" She was a shining example to dogdom.

Mainly because there were several much crazier dogs. But still!

Pekoe thinks the dog park is the BEST THING EVER. IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS.

Ginny's not really sure what to make of all of this.

You wouldn't think it to look at her, but this little dog can jump pretty much over my head. See her doing the same with my sister lilymc.

lilymc leads a pack.

Ginny was really excited about this log. Also I notice that a lot of my pictures of her are without four whole feet on the ground. ;)

Ginny playing with her little orange ball during the fifteen minutes it wasn't being stolen away to be played with by bigger dogs she was too scared to challenge.

Pekoe's new friend Mushu. Bulldogs are Pekoe's very favourite kind of dog.

Pekoe is, by all accounts, a very patient dog. Ginny just really wanted to get to the rawhide.

I shall probably be expected to put these on Facebook for the family types, but am I the only one who finds uploading Facebook pictures to be an enormous fucking chore?

It has occurred to us that with Ginny, and with Faildog staying with me at Mum's while her mum is in Alberta, there will be six dogs in the familial home on Christmas Eve.



Still one assignment to go. But for now I am giving myself a break. I am going to finish knitting a sock, and watch Psych.

And at some point in the future I will be able to write again. :(
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