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So, Thursday.

Except for the thing where one of my favourite breakfast places burned down this morning, today has been a good day. The roomie went to Edmonton this morning, so we walked little Faildog down to doggy daycare, after which I made an executive decision not to go to ridiculous Google class (I may not have actually, um, been to class at all this week, now that I think about it. But I handed everything in! That counts, right?) and stayed home working on my paper instead.

Finished paper before midnight, with 13 hours to spare! It came in at 17 pages, including appendices. That's 5.5 pages of actual paper (it's a historical overview of a publishing company - the limit was actually 5 pages) and 11 of appendices. Uh. There's pretty pictures?

One of these days I am going to learn to do things ahead of time.

This morning I also took a break from homework to draw pictures of the characters from the airship book. I decided this was less procrastination than actually writing the airship book. It looks nice? It would of course look nicer if I could draw, but you can't have everything.

This weekend I will come up with something else to work on to procrastinate against writing the airship book. It's a process.

(Iron Man has been on the digital movie channels twice today. I have watched it both times. When Robert Downey Junior drunk-driving the Iron Man suit around Los Angeles starts to get old, I will know that it's time for me to leave this sad, empty world.)

Ah, well. As I must be up bright and early to take Faildog back to doggy daycare, I should probably go to bed.

ETA: This is one of the funniest, canniest, most on-the-nose articles on the American gay marriage opposition is ridiculous, responding to an article from the other side, which is also ridiculous.

ETA2: Ridiculous.
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