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Vancouver, bursting into flames all over the place.

I had breakfast here yesterday morning, with artemisiabrisol and maelie and mik100 and calantha42, and now it has burned to the ground. This is tragic! They had such bizarre and delicious entree names. Apparently it started in the sushi restaurant next door, which sort of fell over and crushed the bus shelter.


All the hipsters will be so sad. :(

It's actually the second major fire on Main Street in the past week - on Tuesday night my bus to Hycroft was delayed passing Main and 33rd. That night, the former Little Mountain social housing development burned down. I saw the fire from the bus. It was massive and incredible. The site is about to be bought by a Hong Kong developer who is tearing it down to build... well, it probably won't be social housing. That's not really the kind of thing we do in large numbers in Vancouver anymore. (OTOH, the comments on that article are why comments on news articles on the Internet were never really a good idea. o.O)

Poor Main Street. Stop catching on fire. We like you un-charred.
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