Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

This was going to be Sidebar of Deliciousness in tribute to my new sandwich maker...

...but that will have to wait.

Am presently updating the firmware on my HTC Dream.

Here's hoping I don't bugger it up utterly. *crosses fingers*

And that the backup software actually backed it up. *knocks on wood*

ETA: Setback: "30-day trial" of backup app would not run upon reboot. Apparently thinks it's expired. I installed it... this morning? o.O

Thought: fine, was going to buy it anyway, went and shelled out $5 USD for the download, and then the download froze and failed. Uh. Went to try again and was told the download link had expired. After being told it lasted 2 hours or 3 attempts? This was my second in twenty minutes. Have sent panicky/irritable e-mail to Rerware, but am not holding out hope for response before Monday. FAIL. Now have much zippier phone... with nothing on it. :(

ETA2: Ha ha ha! Downloaded trial version to my PC and uploaded it to my server, and back down to my phone. Restore app now working! Wow, had no idea I had that many SMS messages. Now scrolling through Restore 1988 of 2217. o.O

ETA3: Dur, I am stupid. Could have just downloaded a new file-browsing app and loaded it from the SD card. Sigh, it's good it's Friday. *headdesk*

Still restoring SMS...

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