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A narrow escape.

artemisiabrisol and I - or one of us, I'm not sure which - nearly impulse-bought a Wii this evening. We went into Future Shop to replace the ethernet cable that Faildog chewed up the other night when upset with both of us from kicking her out of first one bed and then the other, and they had a Wii set up with Wii Resort, which as one of its games (its only important one, in my opinion) is one where you run around hitting other characters in the head with a plastic light saber.

It was a very, very close call. Especially when I saw the Beatles Rock Band setup. Mostly because I can absolutely see myself spending hours running around on a pixellated beach, hitting people in the head wiht a plastic light saber. It's very satisfying.

Of course, I haven't owned a game console since Grandma bought us an NES in, oh, Jesus, 1990? So perhaps I am just dazzled by the shiny and everything else on the Wii is just silly and ridiculous. (Though since that appears to be the whole point of the Wii, I'm not sure that's a minus or anything.)

Instead, artemisiabrisol bought a new camera. For the purpose of webcasts for The Secret IRL Project, because her old camera was seven years old and couldn't do video, and my Rebel doesn't do video (I do have a video camera, but apparently it's not pretty and wee enough. ^.^)

(Incidentally, huh. I should start a Secret IRL Project filter, because I'm going to want to start exploiting some of you for beta-testing purposes in the near future.)

The roomie, when she arrived in Vancouver, bought her phone and plan through them, and at the time purchased repair insurance. When she actually had to take advantage of it due to tragic screen death, she took her phone in to be repaired, only to be told that actually, they had to send it to Montreal to be repaired and that might take up to six weeks, ha ha! Then gave her a shitty no-name loaner phone from 2001 that didn't even have a proper camera or browsing capabilities (you know, like the ones on her existing plan which she was still paying for the whole time). And THEN, when they finally got it back (or rather, told her they couldn't fix it and would therefore replace it), they called her and told her to come pick up.

So we went in today, only to be told by the Unhelpful Git behind the counter that only the manager could help with replacements, that the manager wasn't there, that the manager doesn't work on weekends, and that the manager only works until 6pm on weekdays, giving the roomie about half an hour to get to the store (has to be that specific store) before they close on any given day.

The manager, in the phone call, neglected to mention any of this. So basically she has to arrange her schedule around his schedule. (I said basically this, but more politely, when the roomie asked if that meant she basically had to wait until next Friday, and Unhelpful Git sort of shrugged and said, I shit you not: "If you want.")


Their website is here: They have stores across Canada.
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