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Another appeal to the wise F-list.

I'm trying to track down magazine reviews for the years surrounding the release of Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Yes, this is one of my very favourite books, but this is actually for a class!

Aside: Today, as the college's Student Reference Assistant (I found out today that I beat out sixteen other people for this job that I didn't even know I was competing for. The Tech Services librarian - or whatever her title actually is - just called me into her office and said "hey, want a different job that gets you out of Circulation?" and I nodded emphatically. Next year I plan to capture the Lab Support job purely by accident.), I got complimented for being nit-picky, something that has never been said to me except by my mother. Also, the magical moment cataloguing-prof told us would happen, where AACR suddenly goes click and starts to make sense? That happened to me on Tuesday. ROCK ON. So far, am loving my program.

Except for the Google class. That is silly.

I'm considering creating a library tech school filter, because I find myself wanting to ramble and complain about things that are heavily jargon-laden and involve a lot of whining about American English and commercial ILS being the devil and other things that cannot possibly interest ordinary people. If I did such a thing, would any of you want to be on it? (I'll probably just end up cutting it anyway, so it probably doesn't matter either way.)

Anyway. I'm supposed to, basically, write a biography of a book's publication history. To that end, I've got articles, interviews, print runs (nothing on sales, alas), etc. I am trying to include a bit about the book's reception, which means I have need of the reviews of the book, most of which appeared in sci-fi magazines between 1966 and 1976. Unfortunately, it appears that only three libraries in Canada keep back-issues of sci-periodicals more than two years, and those are back East, and interlibrary loans take several weeks, and by the time I'd gotten the assignment it was already too late for such things to get to me in time.

So I ask you, clever, clever F-list, do you have any of the following titles in your posession?

* Locus, August 1996, (1996), reviewed by Russell Letson
* The New York Review of Science Fiction, July 1996, (1996), reviewed by Earl Wells
* Galaxy, December 1976, (1976), reviewed by Spider Robinson
* Galaxy Magazine, December 1966, (1966), reviewed by Algis Budrys
* The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1966, (1966), reviewed by Judith Merril
* Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, August 1970, (1970), reviewed by P. Schuyler Miller
* Analog Science Fiction -> Science Fact, December 1966, (1966), reviewed by P. Schuyler Miller
* SFRA Review #280, (2007), reviewed by Alfred E. Guy, Jr.

See, the really frustrating thing is, I more or less have all the citations for the damned things, but I can't get my hands on a one of them. (Well, maybe one, if I can get my ass down to White Dwarf Books at some point this week.) I mean, I can write around it, but I'd like to have the background, y'know?

If you do happen to have one of these magazines lying around, particularly the ones with reviews by Spider Robinson, and you could slap 'em on a scanner and e-mail them to me, I would be endlessly grateful.

Second aside: Is it just me, or do the weeks seem longer this semester than last? It may just be that I am really, really tired all the time due to not having been this busy since... oh, god, film school, and that's a comparison I could have lived without. And I have to get another job, because despite getting grants this year, tuition went up significantly again, so I'm short anyway! Ha ha ha!

Ah, well. Maybe I'll get super-lucky and score the giant bursary, but I'm not holding my breath. I need to start getting more than four hours' sleep a night, is all, probably.There's not even that much work, is the thing - just, like, a hundred pages of reading every two days or so, if I'm being studious and attentive and all, and I'm making an effort to actually be studious and not do all my assignments the night before they're due. So far I'm averaging a completion date about two days before due date, which is better than I've done since high school, so.

It was probably unwise of artemisiabrisol and I to start a mad and massive side-project at this exact time, but it's not as though you have much choice about ideas that hit you after 1:30 in the morning. (On that note, I fucking hate you, Internet Explorer. You ruin everything.)

No, I'm not going to tell you what that means. Well, I might; we may at some point need feedback and beta-testing and such. For the meantime, I am choosing to be enigmatic. Live with it. :P

Perhaps because of all of this, I have started writing something kind of, um, dark. For me. It is John/Rodney (as though I'm capable of writing anything else these days), and there is... well, I don't want to spoil it, because it's interesting, but.

Yeah, going to bed now. So tired.
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