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Because apparently I really *am* that kind of dork.

Week One is behind me now, and I actually feel pretty good about this semester. The roughly thirty-five assignments and quizzes notwithstanding, two of four look really really cool, and the other two look... well, frankly ridiculous, but not in an even remotely complicated way. (I kept joking that I was going to get a whole course's assignments done this weekend, and I think I may have been only about half joking.)

Setting aside Info Retrieval Tools & Techniques (silly) and Business Writing (extremely silly), this semester consists mainly of Cataloguing (Biggest. Textbook. Ever. Seriously, it's too big for a two-inch binder.), which looks kind of awesome, actually, and what is officially (inexplicably) called Philosophy and Function, but is actually called Library Culture. Today's lecture introduced the course via:

a) A handout of a sample pandemic contingency plan (in which Libraries Must Remain Open No Matter What). Oh boy, this semester's going to be chock full of paranoia, I can already feel it.

b) A rundown of the sorts of ailments and bodily injuries people in the library field are prone to getting (late-onset asthma and spinal problems topped the list, though apparently people in the library field tend to live well into their nineties - since I was counting on genetics to get me at least that far, I'm now planning on living to one hundred and twenty, and I expect all of you to still be around to amuse me in 2103, when we're all surfing the Web via our voice-activated wrist-mounted PCs) and

c) Several anecdotes from my prof's career in risk management as it pertains to the information profession, including how he caught a guy defrauding an insurance company via hundreds of thousands of dollars of worthless paintings, how snakes in the American South are really fucking big and how he's never going back there even at gunpoint, and notably, how he once got a lesson on how to more effectively commit cheque fraud from Frank Abagnale, and subsequently tagged along while "Frank" pretended to steal a $50,000 watch from a Vancouver jewellery store by means of pure charisma (and then returned it, as this was merely showing off). My prof may or may not have a little bit of a mancrush on Frank Abagnale.

(I may or may not have decided that I want to be this man when I grow up.)

And now I must finish packing for Whistler, because my ride's going to be here in about twenty minutes. Have a good weekend, kids. Try not to wreck the place while I'm gone.

Still need library school icon. Hrm.
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