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Getting kidnapped into the mountains.

By which I mean, my friend Brad-who-is-going-to-England-soon has cajoled me into going to Whistler with a bunch of friends instead of being responsible and staying home to do homework and readings (counting quizzes, I have four things due every week until November 15th and HA HA, I STILL NEED TO FINISH BIG BANG, so, uh, it was nice knowing you all?).

Downside: no matter how carefully I prepare, I will probably not do very much work on vacation.

Upside: I'll be in Whistler, so who the fuck cares?

Seriously, I probably will get at least some reading done. Mostly there will be a lot of sleeping and watching of nerdy television, and possibly some hurling of ourselves partway down a mountain on a steel cable. (Ziplining really is as fun as it looks, for the record.)

Also: went with roomie artemisiabrisol to buy her new computer today, courtesy of the Alberta government. I may have enjoyed it more than she did, as I went along as Tech-Savvy Friend #1, and I do believe the CSR was disappointed at being unable to sell us even one piece of superfluous software, since we are both students and have it all already. I am now jealous of her shiny new 8GB RAM, 2.5 GHz, 1TB HDD (YES, THAT SAYS ONE TERABYTE, WTF) quad-core desktop PC with 22-inch widescreen monitor. Not that I don't love my desktop - Poddy has always served me well - it's just. ONE. TERABYTE.

And I bought an agenda (realised I actually could not wait another week for the free LSU ones to get in) and a copy of Sabriel.

So, uh. Yes. Leaving tomorrow evening after my last class (at which point I will doubtless have another seventeen assignments to add to my kickass new agenda). Back on Sunday? There's supposed to be internet there, but you never can tell.
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