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As a reward for good behaviour, week before last (and in support of my ongoing foray into tabletop RPGs - I play a Monday night game of Do-It-Yourself Star Wars RPG with some friends, something in which I thought I ought to better educate myself now that I somehow own a company that publishes roleplaying games and have Dad's pet geeks looking at me askance whenever I talk about computers and websites and electronic publishing and seem to have completed a full sentence o.O), I bought myself a couple of sets of polyhedral dice. The blue ones are called "cirrus," because they look like a cloudy blue sky. The others are a sort of copper/green mix. The rest are free swag included in my package (for this alone I give two thumbs up). The picture doesn't properly portray how pretty they are, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm enjoying just looking at them. (Also I've rolled four natural 20s in a row with both sets, hah.)

Getting mail is always exciting to me. Getting colourful things in little packages is even better! I sort of tumbled them onto my desk and shuffled them together like I used to do with Legos when I was little. I remember being at Comic-Con and mucking about at the Chessex booth, at that time having little idea of the mechanics of what the dice were for, but still having a grand time just picking up handfuls of rainbow-coloured dice and letting them fall back into the giant bins like the scoop-yourself-a-bag room at Crystal Ark on Granville Island, which is actually a cave with polished stones six inches deep on the floor that kids wade through and tumble through their fingers. Apparently they also make roleplaying dice out of semi-precious stone, which is both boggling and awesome to me. It's very talisman-y, the idea of having a set of gaming dice made out of your birthstone, especially in a context where people have pre-rolling mantras. (I mostly just appeal to the ghost of my father and my incredibly nerdy genetics, which for the first two weeks had me rolling natural 20s every other turn.)

I'm slowly starting to understand why people play tabletop games - if only for the dice, which my dad collected for decades. Somewhere in our garage is a box of nothing but dice in a multitude of colours. I could keep on doing this, if only because the parapherlalia is pretty. :)
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