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Our attempt to chronicle the opening of the Canada Line was a dismal failure, mainly because every single other person in Greater Vancouver decided to show up two hours earlier than us and clog up the trains for the following five hours! Ha ha! When we got there, the line to ride the trains stretched across the street and three blocks up Cordova. The Canada Line was free today from 1pm to 9pm, so yeah.

So we went and had lunch at Steamworks in the hope that when we emerged there would be less insane crowding. (We hoped in vain, as it turned out, but I did later manage to ride the train back from Langara with my sisters, and what I saw was very nice.) The roomie and I made a hashtag on Twitter with the intention of chronicling the experience (#canadafine - it started out #canadaline, then somebody mentioned Star Trek and... I bet you can see the structure of this, can't you?), but mostly it's me complaining about our bitchy waitress at Steamworks. (Coming soon: the Don't Eat Here blog! Because these things keep on happening to us!) Didn't make it home until well into tonight's game (Still playing the Star Wars RPG! Still alive! \o/) and didn't make it over. Watched several trains come and go at Waterfront without getting near the doors. o.O

But I get to ride the train to work tomorrow! At which point, one hopes, the crazy tourists and people-who-don't-normally-take-transit will have either bought a clue or stayed home. *crosses fingers*

Regardless of misadventure, though, the new line looks very impressive. And I can't tell you how excited I am to never have to take a bus to the airport ever, ever again.
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