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NOM Files: Panaderia Latina Bakery

Breakfast today: Cheese empanada with Pebre salsa from Panaderia Latina Bakery. We discovered these folks at the Collingwood Multicultural Summer Market, where they were selling both in napkins, and OH MY GOD. Run, don't walk. It's rare I - having a shamefully low tolerance for spicy things - find something spicy that is nevertheless NOM DELICIOUS, but here I have found it. Probably because the spiciness is mostly garlic - it's just a little burny, and also tart and savoury, and I want more, but we've only got one-and-a-half empanadas left and the salsa really needs to go on something and I'm not sure I have the will to walk two blocks this afternoon in thirty-plus heat after walking ten blocks to school, sigh.

Anyway. NOM. Visit beautiful Vancouver. Give them your business.

When I go back for more empanadas I think I will sample all some of the delicious-looking dessert pastries. Yes.

In other news, today's high is 33, feels like 39. WHY GOD WHY. (Toronto, on the other hand, is apparently going to greet me with clouds and rain on Friday. EXCELLENT.)
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