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I know a lot of you use Gimp rather than Photoshop and sing its praises often - after all, it's free. Hurrah. I, myself, learned Photoshop, way back in film school, and have kept using it. Recently I even acquired a legal version (O.O).

In Web Design class, we had to create a gradient image today, in order to apply it to the background of a CSS element. He uses Gimp, but said we could use Photoshop if we liked - he just didn't offer explicit instructions for Photoshop. Oh, okay, I thought. Open Photoshop, create file of appropriate size, select Fill tool in Gradient mode, click-and-drag, there we go. There's our file.

The same operation in Gimp took eleven steps and ten minutes.

I sort of... stared. There must be an easier way to do this. Right? o.O

Whatever. I'm happy with Photoshop.

Coming to understand that coming to school today was a Mistake; sneezing has progressed to sneezing and coughing, oh joy. Only here forty-five minutes and kind of feel like shambling death. Debating going to work, or not. Certainly popping by clinic on way out, regardless. (Really, emphatically not looking forward to bus ride home with giant head.)
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