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My cliche_bingo card!

Truth Serum Aphrodisiacs Fairy Tales & Folklore Mirror Mirror: Dopplegangers, Clones, and Evil Doubles Virtual Reality
Phobias Mutation/ Physical Transformation Wingfic When I'm 64: Futurefic Hypothermia & Extreme Cold
Physical Violence Documentation pegasus & rainbow Crossover: TV Shows & Movies Sleeping Arrangements
Quarantine Fork in the Road AU Virginity Time Travel Relative Values:Families
Backstory It's The End of the World As We Know It: Apocafic Deus Ex Machina "It Is The Way of My People": Traditions Courtship Rituals

ETA: I have now filled the following squares:
- "Relative values: Families" - Knitted Goods (G)

In other news, seem to have picked up artemisiabrisol's cold, after all. We are choosing to blame captainspiffy, who probably deserves it anyway. *sneezes*
Tags: fic, irl folk, seasons, sga

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