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Because it really is that universal.

So, tonight I showed artemisiabrisol Empire Records. She'd never seen it (deprived!), and actually it's been a couple of years since I've seen it. Since before I became irreversibly obsessed with SGA, anyway. A sad state of affairs, given that I can quote the script from memory.


We got almost the whole way through the movie. Until the scene near the very end (after "perfect - well, almost perfect") - you know, the one on the roof?

And then, the air shimmered.¹


Liv Tyler as Rodney McKay, Y/N?

...I can't even muster up surprise anymore when this happens. *headdesk*

1. In this household, the shorthand for "I was watching/reading this totally innocent show/book, but then the air shimmered, and suddenly it became a John/Rodney SGA AU, never to be un-known, forever and ever, amen."
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