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Midterm lasted: 23 minutes. Now two hours to kill until work. Sigh.

I have been reading the news again this morning, and am disturbed that Firefox's automatic RSS feeds have populated only three out of thirty stories with news about Iran, in contrast to nine, yesterday. I admit I have difficulty understanding how anyone can look at a regime that flatly denies the existence of the Holocaust and homosexuality, that silences protest with armed force, that storms university dormitories with automatic weapons, and believe that this is a government even capable of legitimacy. But people are.

(What was it Heinlein said about manners? That an epidemic of bad manners is usually a symptom of a dying culture? Similarly, states driven to violence to pacify protest have usually been states on their way out. Used to be, anyway.

One can only hope.)

I know they only did it to elbow in on the news cycle, but it's kind of awesome that Twitter delayed their scheduled maintenance so that Iranians could continue beaming out news of the election protests.

"We decided together to move the date. It made sense for Twitter and for NTT America to keep services active during this highly visible global event."

I've seen six people on campus today wearing green wristbands. I couldn't guess about the percolation into the world outside colleges and universities...?
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