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Help me, oh mighty F-list

For the current project in my Dear God You People Are Morons Digital Collections class we're using XML. I've never written a real XML/XSL file before (I've only been doing CSS for a month!), and I've got the basics mostly down, I think, except for the fonts in the stylesheet. I keep doing just what the tutorials are doing, but even nested just like the examples I just can't seem to apply a font - it does nothing at all, apparently. So I must ask: can one of you brilliant creatures out there write me a simple dummies' example of a properly-applied font in an XSL stylesheet?

It should be noted that the assignment doesn't actually require us to write the stylesheet at all - Digital Collections is sadly undemanding in the technical department; some day I will tell you the tale of how twenty-nine quasi-professional library technicians, library employees, and students in a technical career program in the year 2009 could not between them manage to upload a three-file website to WebCT without running for help to the instructor and flailing over how it was So Hard, and oh my god, the future, it is grim - but I looked at the XML file and well, it was wrong, and now it's transformed and everything's right except for the font and it's Times New Roman and it looks ugly...

...cue two-thirty this morning and me still cutting-and-pasting, refreshing and refreshing, and growling at the computer because it just doesn't look right.


Now I think I'll go make a sandwich.
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