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Know what today is?

It's new handset release day! \o/

Just finished work and am now waiting for class to start - work is going pretty well, for a value of "well" where they sort of point us vaguely in the direction of the books and tell us to make ourselves scarce for two hours. It's actually pretty awesome. Today I shelved and listened to the Nantucket AU on my Zen. (It's more or less the best job ever.)

Unfortunately I now have to sit through class, but afterwards I'm going to pick up my shiny new phone, and then you may not hear from me for several days because I will be dead from awesome.

Well, no, that's not true. You'll probably hear from me even more. Because of the awesome.

Apparently I was the first person to call Rogers Vancouver about the HTC Dream this morning. Because apparently I am that much of a nerd. ^.^
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