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Need to start bringing Maddy to school w/me - every time I hit LJ I end up seeing adult-rated fic, and while I'm 99% certain nobody would actually read over my shoulder, I'm always a week bit paranoid at being caught reading, um, porn, in the school library. At least if I don't manage to get a corner unit. Because no, no - all the Langara library machines face out. It's open-plan, y'know. o.O

Went out for drinks/dinner with friends from last year's Awful Shakespeare Class, where it was discovered that between us, two of us have managed to significantly up-geek the third. K's had my Firefly DVDs for a few months now, and asked to borrow my SG-1 set so she could "start a new show" - words used by one who has surrendered, bwahah - and then asked if she could read some of my fic. (Eventually, maybe, after I've introduced her to slash. ;) Both of them are coming to the Serenity screening in June. \o/

(As an aside: Steamworks has really good pizza. Yum.)

Waiting now on my work-study interview, which is at noon - *checks clock* - fifteen minutes more to kill before I should wander up there and locate the office. The upstairs is mysterious and labyrinthine and it would not do to get lost. (I suspect "cannot find the interviewer" is not a recommending feature for "working in the library.")
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