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There goes the entire weekend.

As foretold in previous post, (which for some reason may or may not have actually shown up?) I have now spent approximately four hours of Saturday mucking about with new CSS powers.

Result: I have made my first external stylesheet! \o/

I've thus far re-encoded two stories on my site (looks so much cooler.) and am stopping until I learn Columns so I can re-do the mainpage. Ahahaha CSS is so cool.

(Somebody come and swap me the laptop for ice cream. At some point I'm probably going to need to sleep, and the last time I learned new coding skills I stayed up until 6am re-encoding my entire site. That was not a good workday.)

Now I'm going to read the next chapter to figure out things like columns, so I can make an LJ stylesheet from scratch. *excited bouncing*

(...yup, I'm a geek. Like there was ever any doubt. ^.^)
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