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WTF, Translink?

Me: Waited through two completely full trains, which were more than ten minutes apart (the wait time between trains during morning rush-hour is meant to be four minutes). Fifteen minutes late for class, despite leaving fifteen minutes earlier than usual.

Roomie 1: One full train, insane wait times. #84 bus late and full and late again. Driver hung around filing his nails or something despite the fact that the bus was full and late and full.

Roomie 2: Stranded by the #129 which zoomed past her and the stop she was heading for, seven minutes early, and then didn't show up at the next stop for fifteen minutes past its arrival time. Came home soaked to the skin.

I swear, it's like Gordon Campbell gets elected = the entire infrastructure collapses in mourning and sheer embarrassment.
Tags: city, i weep for the species, politics

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