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BC Election Fail

Provincial election results are in, and boy, was that disappointing.

I admit it, I fall for it every time just as hard as I did when I was eighteen and voting in the first provincial election that elected our present asshat-in-charge. I woke up this morning bright and early and went out into the world with my "I VOTED" sticker and smiled at other people who were also wearing them and allowed myself to be filled with hope and goodwill towards my fellow British Columbians, who surely were intelligent, thoughtful, and were going to treat the privilege of enfranchisement with the gravity and dignity it deserved, casting their vote with care and social conscience...

...I know better, I do. I just can't help it; it's how I was raised. In my family we gather around the television and watch election results like other families watch hockey games and the Superbowl (an observation made by mik100, lo these many moons ago). Election days and about fifteen minutes on Christmas Eve are about the only times I allow myself to have actual, active faith in humanity. The rest of the year is for cynical muttering. Makes you appreciate the good times more.

Record turnout apparently, though. Which is. Something? *sigh*

(Except okay, I really need for everyone to stop calling it a mandate. It isn't a mandate. They haven't got a majority. They haven't even got close to a majority. Also HOW DID WE LET THESE ASSFACES IN AGAIN? *headdesk*

It's the snotty little grin he's giving the camera that really makes the picture. That smile says "I won this election via shady back-alley legislation, and I'm going to celebrate by driving drunk down Lougheed Highway with Fred and Cathy.")

P.S. Green voters, okay, I am right there with you, raised by hippies and everything, and my little heart goes out to the environmental party that wants to roll back tuition increases and tax people back to the stone age for owning six cars, but you split the vote, and I'm blaming you for this, because if we'd had even a little of your eight percent, we'd have been rid of these fucktards who gave themselves a fourteen percent raise during an "economic crisis" they themselves hyped out of all proportion to reality, and you can go fuck yourself too, Mr. Campbell.

Okay, no, I'm not. I'm blaming everyone of the 45% who voted Liberal who makes less than ninety grand a year and thus does not have even the selfish, practical excuse of wanting tax breaks and should have known better.


Okay, sorry, I'm done. It's just. EIGHT YEARS. Of skyrocketing tuition prices, deteriorating public schools, virtually non-existent public healthcare, rising poverty and dwindling social welfare, and oh, look, four more years and they're evidently going to call it a mandate. I just. I'm so tired.

Preliminary results for the BC-STV referendum (the second time this has appeared on a ballot in BC, btw) are equally depressing, but they've still got 57 ridings to count. I'll give it to you, Universe, for the STV to pass, considering it only ever managed to advertise via Metro and 24 outside of college and university campuses, would be blindingly ironic.

That's it, kids. I'm going to bed. British Columbia can still FAIL in the morning.
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