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I still don't get it...

...why anyone is listening to this woman. Apparently this picture is of two of the characters she claims J.K. Rowling "stole" from her. Now, if you looked at this picture, not knowing who it's supposed to be, would *you* say "oh, it must be *Harry* Potter"? 'Cause I wouldn't. Who did this art, anyway? (I'll refrain from making gagging noises here, but assume they're implied...)
And again... you CAN'T COPYRIGHT NAMES!

She says she has proof of Rowling being a US citizen. The basis of this is that she says that Rowling says she couldn't have read her books, because she's always been a citizen of Great Britain. Stouffer says "I heard she was from Scotland" in one place, and "I heard she was from Wales" in another. I don't know if she's just confused, or she really did hear both, but... consistency, people! As far as I know, Rowling is *not* a US citizen, but even if she is... So bloody what?
Stouffer says that if she *is*, this blows out of the water any claims Rowling has made that she's never heard of the other Muggles books. By her reasoning, if Rowling *did* live in the States, she couldn't possibly have avoided reading them...

*snicker* Right. Sure. I just *bet*. Just out of curiosity, has anyone out there (I'm looking specifically at people in the Eastern US, but anyone else too) ever heard of N.K. Stouffer either? Or "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles"? 'Cause I never have.

I'm finished now. For today, at least. This woman just really annoys me...

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