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The day was going so well...

..and then two of my little sisters called to tell me that the house in Ridge has been broken into! Ha ha!

Yes, Universe. I UNDERSTAND.

They were pretty shitty burglars, for all that. Took Mum's 9-year-old laptop (resale value approx. $72, and boy are they going to be disappointed when they try and pawn their loot), all the cameras hooked up to the kitchen computer (the newest computer in the house, btw), and ignored: my sister's brand-new Sony Vaio, my other sister's stereo, about eight TVs, the DVD players, my grandma's jewelry (in a box right next to Mum's thread box, which they did rifle through), the digital cable box, the network backup drives (thank god), and every desktop machine in the house. The only irreplacable thing stolen was the HDD of Mum's laptop, which she never ever backs up no matter how many times I tell her. *facepalm*

They knocked the back door right out of its frame - a steel-reinforced deadbolted door - and came in through the basement, but they didn't smash anything or take anything else.

Also they pepper-sprayed Georgie (the Pomeranian) in the face. O.O


(She's all right, just freaked out. It didn't get into her eyes. Though apparently the house smells delightful.)

They're pretty sure they know who it was - a skeezy couple who came by last week offering to clean the gutters. And the RCMP got a few prints off the thread box, so with any luck they'll be HUNTING THE BASTARDS DOWN.

I'm actually not all that freaked out - a little mad, and also indignant, because these guys were clearly a bunch of incompetent ASSHOLES. Also who pepper-sprays a Pomeranian in the face? PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO HELL, THAT'S WHO.

My sister, who came home to find the back door missing, thinks they under-estimated the number (and size) of all dogs, grabbed what would fit in a backpack, and then were scared off by the big puppies. (This is what I choose to believe, because it means my Mincha is Noble and True.)

In other news, Faildog (who until Friday was staying with Mum) managed to get her leg caught in a fence at doggy daycare and has either sprained or broken it. She has to go to the vet on the way home to have an x-ray - bet she'll LOVE that. Actually she did the injury whilst her Mummy was filling out the papers and it worsened over the course of the day - I personally suspect she did it deliberately when she realised she was being left, because up 'til that point she was having lots of fun chasing the other dogs. She is a manipulative little brat, after all. *second facepalm*

My other theory is that the Universe chose to mete out balance by attacking Pekoe, since she wasn't at the house in Ridge to get pepper-sprayed in the face - which she absolutely would have, as she is both far too nosy and has a nose for Bad People. When the Skeezy Guttercleaners came by last week - the day before we left for the Island, as we were settling her in at Doggy Disneyland with the other puppies - she crouched on the landing with Mincha and flatted back her ears and made suspicious noises.

If only dogs could give an affidavit...
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