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It's snowing again. Damnit.

I had a really weird dream last night; I was at my grandparents' old house in Coquitlam, at Maple Creek, which was this complexy-thing full of nice old brown-wood houses. Anyway, I, my little sister (Lil, the good one) and somebody else, possibly Kimry, though I'm not quite sure, were trying to get out of the house and Escape, because They were after us (they being, in this case, the guys in suits, kinda like MIB but not as silly, and with guns) because of something we'd done, or found out - anyway, I remember for some reason that I had the little cloth bag where I used to keep crocheting stuff in tenth grade back when I crocheted stuff, and it had something really important in it. I went up to the bedroom, because all the other entrances were blocked and Lil and Kimry were already outside, across the street, waiting in the car (I'd gone back in for our stuff). And I thought "I'll go out the window", but then I opened the window and I was on the second story, (which is where the room was in real life, so I don't know why I thought "I'll go out the window - I must have thought there was an overhang or something) and the roof was practically straight down. I yelled out at them in the car, and I threw the bag at them, and then I turned around to go back down through the house, but I can't remember if I got out or not. It was a scary one. I'm having a lot of dreams lately where I'm being chased by Them in black suits. Yick.

It changed, then, to one where for some reason I was moving to New York in second semester so that I'd be closer to home and school (which is totally insane because New York is not only farther away from home than school, it's several hours away from *here*, and I'm not even coming here next year...). It was a really nice apartment, but while I was in the store before I left (with my mum) I said, "I think I'll try blonde" and I picked up a box of hair dye. Me. Dyeying my hair blonde. (I think I realized it was a dream, then, because I'd NEVER, not in a BILLION years do that. It was weird. I must have been a fugitive or something. The weirder part was that my mum agreed. Which she'd never do. In fact she'd probaby have a heart attack if I even suggested it. *grin*)
But I was at the apartment later, and I looked in the mirror and the blonde had gone back to dark on one side, and then I got really upset that I'd done it in the first place. Well, duh.

Why is it snowing? I thought we were *done* with this for the year. Damnit.

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