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Amazon Ranking (apparently a new verb)

So I've got the roomies out in Ridge at my Mum's for Easter. We came in from egg-hunting (in the rain - makes you strong) and sat down to lunch, at which point I pulled out Maddy to check my F-list, and saw that Amazon had lost its tiny mind.

"Hey," I said to artemisiabrisol. "Look at this!"

We bent over the computer. "WTF!" said she.

And we looked up the contact number for (This was slightly creepy. Apparently you enter your phone number into a box and click a button, and the house phone immediately rings. That was kind of spooky.)

At which point artemisiabrisol used her Librarian Powers to cow them into submission. (Something along the lines of how she'd spent thousands of dollars on their site but wouldn't be doing it any longer, nor, as a Future Librarian, would any institution she worked for. Librarian Powers GO!)

The Amazon Lackey quickly explained it was being fixed, e.g. "We're working on it right now and we're terribly sorry for the inconvenience!"

We gather they've been getting a lot of negative feedback. Oops. :)

I think I need a Library Fu icon. ^.^
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