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Registration FAIL

Good thing: Went shopping, bought pretty shirt. Also one of my Amazon orders came - now have The Graveyard Book (finally), A Dog's Breakfast and the Dr. Horrible DVD.

Bad: I had to hurry home to register for summer classes.

So. I needed three courses. I got one. (Notably the AWFUL ONE, but it's a course and it fulfills a pre-req.)

Huh. Well, I'm waitlisted for four others, and the department chair's keeping a private waitlist for the one Library core course they're doing this summer. There is one other section with several seats free for the computer course, but it's an Intercession course, and it's four days a week, and if I took that I couldn't take anything else. o.O

And I won't know for sure until right before we go on vacation, because they keep making waitlist offers until the 23rd! For which I have to check every single morning and evening! Ha ha ha!

Oh! Oh! Also? If I don't get my three classes, I have to give back my student loans. HA HA HA.


Um. I'll be over there, freaking out and cursing the post-secondary system. It's probably best to ignore me.

ETA: Is anybody else having enormous trouble posting with Semagic, or is it just me? It hasn't been able to connect with the server for two days now. o.O
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