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Saturday went like this: (AKA: AND THEN WE CRASHED THE CON)

Walk to tea shop - much smarter route this time. Shaved off about fifteen minutes.

Went shopping! Bought new Chucks - of tweed, they are excellent - and a new wallet, which is purple and has leaves and delights me.

Then calantha42, mik100 and I went out for dinner with timeblind and a bunch of people in town for Creation - I don't go because, hah! Six hundred bucks to take a SkyTrain into Burnaby! But cool people come. I actually don't remember everyone's LJ names but geekysam was there, among others I will friend when I find their handles.

ETA: Of course timeblind beat me to posting. Present were: speckleberry, pengyn and samjackshiplove. There. :)

And THEN we meandered over to the Hilton and kinda-sorta crashed the con. Um. Only a little. :) They only check tags around the autograph tables and the photo op areas, so we pretty much hung out at the top of the escalator and ate Mini Eggs and hung out with people. We did see the museum, which was full of awesome nerdly artifacts, including Ronon's blaster, a Wraith stunner, and a ZPM that probably would not have fit in my purse, woe. Also there was a Furling, which timeblind simply could not forget was meant to be animatronic and worried us it might come suddenly to life. So we went to the other end of the room. You can never be too sure. o.O

Also, Joe stumbled past us on his way out (he looked very, very tired) and blew us kisses on his way down the escalator. :)

Yeah. I still don't think I'll pay to go to Creation until I'm idle and rich (or at least have a proper job again in a couple of years). But it was good times. Perhaps Shouty Japanese Place on Wednesday, with a few people who will still be here post-con. Yay! All the fun of con without all the spending!
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