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Like watching paint dry. Though apparently there's a society for that.

On a Hooray-I-Got-My-Tax-Rebate spree, I am ordering Thoughtcrimes and Dog's Breakfast (because despite going to two of DH's screenings here in Vancouver, I still haven't actually managed to buy a copy) and a few other things, which led me to YouTube - because whenever I order a DVD online I am immediately seized by Great Impatience to not wait until the package arrives. (This is one of very few reasons I sometimes wish I was in the States. Your retail is so much more convenient and has way more stuff, which in my weaker, more consumerist moments - wantgimmenow - appeals to me. Also you can actually download music and videos from Amazon. Ah, well. Less guilt for torrenting, I suppose. I have trouble feeling bad when I a) pay for cable anyway and b) am not even offered the option of buying it legally.) I'm not watching the whole thing, because it's for Joe Day (Thoughtcrimes, Family Album, and recreational drinking) and if I start without her artemisiabrisol would probably kill me.

But, y'know. It's in Region 2, so I'm gonna have to rip and re-burn it before we can watch it on the TV anyway. Kind of renders the point moot. What else am I supposed to do? *throws up hands*

The roundabout point of this being: guys! Why did no one tell me that Freya (in Thoughtcrimes) was played by Navi Rawat? This makes all those weird SGA/Thoughtcrimes Hewligans SO MUCH MORE AWESOME.

Spent large parts of last night and some of this morning rifling through the city website and the somewhat inadequate maps the city provides for its actually quite awesome cycle routes. I knew the streets were bike-friendly, but I didn't know there were quite so many bikes-only parkways. It's kind of awesome, really. Especially when I found the Cyclevancouver search engine, which gives GoogleMapls-esque directions from point-to-point and actually takes into account the bikeways.

Apparently the 1.5 hour March of Death to the tea shop last week could actually have been done in 21 minutes on bicycle, mostly off of roads entirely. From Grandview to Main Street. *hugs my city*

Okay, wow, that was inhumanly boring. Sorry. Next time slash!

ETA: Is anybody else getting Cannot Contact Server errors trying to use the client? I haven't been able to get it to connect all day. o.O
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