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PSA! (Don't worry, I try not to do this too often.)

Hey, kids! Drive-by reminder that Sweet Charity bidding has started. There are dozens upon dozens of clever and talented people selling themselves for excellent causes, and you should absolutely give up your money for them. I'm also up for sale - a McShep fic, a Team!fic, and a pair of socks are on offer, so you should go and check that out. :)

Tonight we (artemisiabrisol, mik100 and myself) walked to the tea shop. Just to sort of see how far it really was, y'know? Also because the Fuzzy Troublemaker has now progressed in her Separation Anxiety to agitated barking whenever all three of us are gone at once for more than twenty minutes or so. This being Not Cool, we took her with us.

Long. Walk.

We didn't really pick the best route - going took an hour and a half, coming back by a rather better-lit route (night fell rather abruptly while we were navigating the twisty streets of East Van off Main) took maybe forty-five minutes, so I think we'll do that one next time. The dog, thankfully, is wiped, which was rather the point of the exercise.

In other news, I am Officially! Admitted! to the Library Tech program for Fall, and am also going to be taking two of my stupid breadth courses this summer as well as one of the core Library!Fu courses with a prereq override (because apparently I am actually That Awesome. Full-time studenthood also means I a) can get an on-campus job and b) will get a Upass in May! I miss my Upass so much, you have no idea.

Library! School! YAY.

P.S. I should get my tax rebate next week, at which point I'm buying myself a shiny new phone. Also pay off most of my credit cards. That this is presently more exciting than school fills me with a deep and shadowy melancholy. o.O
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