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Another test...

...I've been mucking inelegantly about with CSS all afternoon - my DW journal is looking shiny but editing the LJ stylesheet has proven much more challenging, so it's a bit messy over there right now. Ah, well. In a couple of weeks I'll be into the "learn CSS!" part of the silly computer course and should be able to do this properly without running to unamaga for help. *sheepish*

Also this is me attempting to crosspost via Semagic. Here goes... *fingers crossed*

ETA: AND I WIN. Thanks muchly to unamaga. \o/

Next: How to move the tags cloud and make it horizontal...

ETA2: Okay, so crossposting via Semagic is a go, but I've noticed it's maybe making me sound a leetle bit schizophrenic... ;)

ETA3: A Thing I Have Noticed: until today, when I set up Semagic to crosspost when I make posts, I've been using the DW Import tool to import my new LJ entries to my DW account, about once a week. This works, fine, except that userpics are still not importing properly, and DW doesn't substitute the DW default userpic, as I might have expected - you just get an entry without a userpic. Is there a setting for this somewhere that I'm missing, or is this just a thing that isn't quite done yet? Nevermind, apparently I'm an idiot. *facepalm*

ETA4: Looking at this now, I think I want the footer to be whales chasing puddlejumpers chasing whales, but I'd have to create a new graphic for that and... I'm really supposed to be doing my Digital Collections reading. Right.
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