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I want my fucking jetpack. Or maybe a transporter.

Not that I'm even sure I can afford either or both at this point (NEED JOB NOW), but:

Return flight to San Diego for SDCC, including taxes: $454.56 CAD

Return flight to Toronto for Dexcon, including (my god) taxes: $663.95 CAD

*choking noise*

Of course that's still almost two hundred bucks cheaper than Toronto cost me last year.

Incidentally, and note that this is pie-in-the-sky questioning, who out there is as foolish as I and still hotel-unbooked for Comic-Con?

Have now applied to roughly six hundred jobs (read: ~47?) and have heard back from... um. Three. Am starting to feel down on myself or something. o.O


Upside: program interview for school went very, very well, I think. The department chair offered to write me a pre-req override right there on the spot so I could get started with the shit-courses on-line over the summer. I'm taking this as a good sign. At least in a week or two I'll know for sure about school this September, which is something.

ETA: Why is nobody I know IRL having baby girls? My cousin's third kid (conceived in the vain hopes of finally producing a girl) is slated to be a boy, which really if you think about it was kind of a lost cause to start with, with two boys already. Mainly I want an excuse to give somebody other than myself a copy of Blueberry Girl and it's making me cranky. :)
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