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Think - think - the interview went well. It's a good sign if they call you back halfway out to ask your salary expectations, right? (I'm choosing to take it as such.) Job sounds interesting and yet repetitive, which is more or less how I like it. It's all research and data entry, which means: yay! No talking on the phone to customers! Mainly because this job is on the attacting-customers end. The interviewer asked if I minded repetitive tasks and I told her "no, I find them relaxing!" which probably made me look like exactly the kind of nerd I am. :)

Also is Monday to Friday, 4-9pm, and about eight minutes' walk away, so that would be excellent.

Pekoe has been 70% of a Good Dog today, as she was exceptionally Zen at the vet's office (her first visit - I took her as her mum was at school), even through the part with the poky invasive metal things, great on-leash on the walk there and mostly-great on the way back, and very good just now when we went on our Adventure through Renfrew Park (There were Smells. And Other Dogs. And Birds, which Pekoe hates, particularly crows. While I'm mostly with her on this last point, I had to regretfully explain to her that Eating Crow is meant to be a figure of speech, would probably make her sick, and definitely get me in trouble. Also, nasty cleanup.)

She lost %30 because during the hour and a half I was at my interview, she chose to take out her abandonment issues on a plastic lei, a hat, a ball of yarn, and two dog-training books, rather than her cow bone or her squeaky camo octopus. *headdesk*

And now I am exhausted, I'm not sure why. Probably all the walking and saying "no" and trembliness-waiting-for-the-interviewer. Takes it right out of me. ^.^
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