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My brain is trying to kill me. o.O

Somehow, despite a day out in the actual, honest-to-god sunshine (We rented bikes and rode 'round the Seawall in Stanley Park which, I am now just realising, is 8.8 km long. Huh. I guess you decondition more slowly for bike-riding than for laser tag? Last week post-Laser Tag w/all the crouching and running and ducking, there was definite muscle-strain for a couple of days, which is more a sign that I need to get more bloody exercise more than anything else.), yesterday I still managed to acquire two new WIPs.

The first has been nagging at my subconscious for a week or so, and is The One Where Bad People Begin To Wonder About All These Birth Certificates Coming Out Of Cheyenne Mountain. The second one was brought up by the fact that there is literally nothing that cannot become McShep AU, including awful awful Paycheck, which artemisiabrisol and I began watching only because we stumbled across it while channel-flipping and then I wanted to point out all the props I got to handle when I kind-of worked on the set. Rodney McKay as Uma Thurman, Y/N? (Except obviously he would not be a biologist and John would not be a computer engineer. I'm still working out the details. ^.^)

Yesterday was quite nice, though. Being Vancouver, it was sunny and more-or-less warm out despite it being February. Except for the wind, it being the ocean and everything. But yes, nice. P.S. veggie burgers from the park concession stands are actually edible.

In the interest of increased exercise and bike-riding, today I went out to buy a tire pump (lacking) and a secondary lock (cable to compliment the u-lock I've already got - you cannot be too paranoid when it comes to bike locks). Unfortunately, bike pump is apparently a piece of shit! As it came apart in my hands after refusing to latch properly onto the tire. So it's going back tomorrow. Fail.

Well. This is an exciting post.
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