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Rissa sent me a tape with Mononoke Hime on it. We figured we'd get Carolyn hooked with the good stuff, first. Also on the tape was the Slayers Movie and Endless Waltz. Both good. But Right about the beginning of Mononoke, the tape starts crapping out, the tracking going crazy. We can still see the movie, but the picture goes shaky every few minutes. Really frustrating. In the end, the other two give up on it. They say we'll go look in the stores in town tomorrow, to see if they have it.
Video stores in Nova Scotia don't carry anime.
And then they popped in Zoolander. I think I made a face; they called me a snob.

Well, actually, yes, I suppose I am a snob. I like my movies to have a *plot*. Go figure. And intrinsic value. Which Princess Mononoke does, in spades.

Nope, sorry, can't for love nor money bring myself to mix Miyazaki with Ben Stiller. Not in a million years. Too many things profoundly wrong with that. :P
But gods, that was disappointing. I got myself all psyched to watch Mononoke, which is the coolest anime movie *ever*, and then get it knocked down a few dozen notches and left only with Zoolander.

Sigh. Couldn't do it. The Zoolander character is just too stupid to follow the first twenty minutes of Mononoke Hime. Sigh.

And I *really* wanted to watch Mononoke! *whine*

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