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Some things:

1. Still a year older than I was last week. Keep forgetting my proper age.
2. Filled up my desktop RAM to capacity to 4gb, rebooted and I think Poddy made a happy little sighing noise. Might have been imagining it.
3. Installed Adobe CS4 Master's Collection. Not sure, but think I am having a religious experience. (So. Pretty.)
4. Completely stalled on artword, ha ha! This is SOP of course, but at this juncture headdesking is very attractive.
5. Still unemployed. Working my way up to caring about it.
6. Bought Roswell season 1, because it was $20 and also because I have a soft spot for the ultimate cheese. Presently re-watching B5 season 4/5 because I have a soft spot for the awesome.
7. Have knitted 1.8 knee socks! Most complicated pattern I've ever done. Two knee socks tomorrow. Then pictures.
8. Broke out new sewing machine (birthday present from Mum) and hemmed things! Very fond of new sewing machine, it runs very smooth and very quiet.
9. Okay yes, I need more things to do, clearly, but until it's about one in the morning I completely don't care that I've gotten nothing done all day, and then I go to sleep. I'm sure that soon this will stop being okay with me.
10. Will get writing done tomorrow if it kills me. Swear.
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