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Pictures, la.

Witness the above evidence of my having run all out of clever titles for things.

However, as promised, I give you: .

The centrepiece of the Maritime Museum is the RCMP schooner St. Roch. First ship to circumnavigate North America, and first to successfully traverse the Northwest Passage from West to East. Sailed for more than two decades until it was drydocked in Vancouver in the 1960s. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is actually constructed around it.

Saturday was appropriately creepy and foggy. If the zombies had come shambling up out of the fog, I would not have been even remotely surprised. Luckily, there were lots of boats handy which we could have used to escape (zombies being susceptible to corrosion in salt water).

Um. Anyway.

The St. Roch's illustrious captain, Henry Larsen.

Don't you wish you had an excuse to ring a bell everywhere you went?

artemisiabrisol does.

They built the museum around the boat. Imagine being that awesome.

True or False: taxidermy is Really Fucking Creepy.

You realise this means that at some point, somebody tried.

I want to say something sarcastic about how we're really, really mature (particularly mik100), but seriously, you should have seen the size of the man's nostrils.

What do bored and hardy Canadian lads do for fun? Why they read MacLean's, of course. (All evidence aboard suggests they also smoke thousands and thousands and thousands of cigarettes.)

A "fiddle," to keep plates and cutlery from sliding around when the St. Roch crashed into ice floes (Which they did. A lot.).

I have no idea what artemisiabrisol was doing here, but let me just state now and for all time that I will never Go To Sea. The corridors were just about wide enough for my elbows, and my elbows don't take up all that much space.

Arctic Navigation is Serious Bizness.

In the dry dock. This would have been a really awesome picture if I had just remembered to turn off flash suppression.

In the Children's section. Pop quiz, SG-1 fans: what was our first reaction?

If you answered "Doctor Littlefield, you have a go," you win one dozen cookies! (All cookies are purely spiritual in nature.)

Then there was an exhibit on the history of the Vancouver waterfront and one on global warming and one on pirates and I was too distracted to take any more pictures as we were too busy ringing bells.

Well, artemisiabrisol was, anyway. Every single bell there was. She seemed pleased. :)

Also they may have told us no flash photography in the gallery space. Whatever.
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