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Thank you, whoever you all are, who nominated me for the McShep Awards! I'm kind of astonished by how many I got, like seriously, cannot believe it, really, given that I've really only been writing in this fandom for, um, a year. *flails gleefully at you all*

I also appreciate that this gives me an excuse to post the most excellent banner, because it's one of the best manips I've ever seen and I really like sitting here staring at it with a dazed sort of expression on my face. :)

Thank you so much! *flails some more*

And since I am filled with cookies and goodwill, here's something I wasted an entire morning doing on Monday.

...and by "differently" I mean, of course, a little further north.

Meet my new Eee skin. If you were standing where I was standing when the base picture was taken, there'd be English Bay right behind you. And wouldn't that be a pretty sight? I mean, there's an observatory there, and everything.

I was going for a 1970s-photograph, I-Want-To-Believe-Poster kind of thing. Yes/No? Also available in wallpaper size, if anybody actually wants.

P.S. I'm totally about to spam you guys, with museum pictures and then with *gasp* an actual story! Sorry?
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