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SGA 520: Enemy at the Gates (+ MATTER DISPLACEMENT: A PRIMER)

Miracle of miracles, my money finally appeared today. I got to PAY BILLS. It was HEADY.

Also, the fanficcers love meme, because I am curious more than anything else.

Finally: SGA has come to an end. I think I'm... relieved? Yes, there were... issues, but my tinhat is strong. Perhaps more on that later, though you guys have noted all the interesting parts already. :)

Mostly I'm thinking: BRING ON THE FIC. Because good news, guys: It's all ours, now. :)


Exhibit A: When you land a big honkin' spaceship on a planetary surface, matter is displaced.

Witness the case of the Romulan Warbird being landed in this SAN FRANCISCO park:

Exhibit B: Have You Perhaps Heard of Wind?

When you bring a spaceship THE SIZE OF MANHATTAN down through Earth's atmosphere and LAND IT ON A BODY OF WATER NEXT TO A MAJOR CITY, IT MIGHT GET A LITTLE BREEZY.

Exhibit C: People Are Not Actually That Stupid (see exhibit B re: terrified civilians)

On the other hand, I'd REALLY like to see the interview Major Davis no doubt had to give to explain a: the unexpected and oddly brief hurricane hitting San Francisco Bay, and b: the mysterious bowl-shaped depression in the water that is no doubt visible from many miles away.

I mean, really, SGC? Really?

In conclusion, if it can be done, James T. Kirk did it first. And better.
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