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Year in review (and good riddance, 2008)

Hey. Raise your hand if 2008 has sucked like a Hoover and you'll be glad to see the back of it.

*waves arms in the air*

But hey, I didn't hate the whole thing, because this was the year I finally surrendered to the crack found my way into SGA fandom! I got lots of fic written, all of it McShep, and I've still got nearly a dozen WIPs going. Like... *looks at list* Okay, kind of a terrifying wordcount, right there, far outnumbering original writing or scholarly stuff. I don't know what that means, but as I enjoyed every minute of it, I don't think I care, either. :) In posting order:

My very first SGA fic: Schadenfreude Pie
At Least in This
Twelve Days' Breath
Breadth (deleted scene from Catalysis)
Balancing the House
Consider the Hand
Little Storms
Better Than Waffles (ficlet discarded from Glad to the Brink of Fear)
Glad to the Brink of Fear (for artword, with unamaga)
In This Era of Liberty
A Thousand Dancing Bears
Nothing You Could Do
Mother Country (for sgabigbang)
Now The People Will Know We Were Here (or: Everything I Know I Learned From Heritage Minutes)
And about a million more unfinished, including the Pan-Universe Uber-Fic Of Doom and the Rodney Background Story currently hovering at 26,700 words. *facepalm*

(It's also all listed here, because I'm compulsive like that.)

*surveys list* That's it. Tonight I'm editing the novel. Next year I can write fic again. :)
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