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So this is exciting. Waterfront Station, as it turns out, does have wireless, making this the one and only useful thing Bell Mobility has ever done for me. No, wait, I take that back, I just tried to open Firefox and it took me to a payment page. Dicks.

Anyway, after a thirty-five-minute wait on the platform at Renfrew, a fifteen minute trip to Commercial/Broadway (usually a three-minute trip), a twenty-five-minute wait on the skywalk at Broadway because the platforms were full and they were only letting through one trainful of people at a time, a further fifteen-minute wait on the platform, there followed a pretty awful, claustrophobically speaking (I nearly became a statistic, victim of two women with obscenely oversized strollers), thirty-minute five-station trip to Waterfront, where I am now. I've got my train ticket, which says four-thirty but is evidently for three PM, so I may actually be able to get out of Vancouver in the next two hours. I'm supposed to be back at the platform at 2pm for them to open the gates at 2:15PM, but how long it will take us to get to Maple Ridge is anybody's guess. There is currently, from what I can see through the station windows, an honest-to-god blizzard going on outside, on top of the two feet of snow already on the ground in downtown Vancouver.

I post all this so that those of you who are trapped in airports across this vast continent can take comfort in my inconvenience. I was going what ought to have been about forty minutes' travel across the ground and I'm still trapped in transit. o.O

Seriously, WTF, winter?
Tags: city, family, i weep for the species, seasons, travel

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