Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Another timely Christmas gift from Mother Nature

So. Buses are running five to six slots behind, the SkyTrain is taking twenty-five minutes between appearances on the Millennium Line (mine), and my mother cannot get her car out of her driveway. Which means nobody can come get me, and my only (even semi-reliable) option is to SkyTrain west to Waterfront (all the way downtown, to the very end of the line) and take the Westcoast Express back in the other direction - this is a real train, on actual train tracks, and while it is evidently running a bit late it is still decidedly running, sigh. Assuming I can get on the first train, which will doubtless be packed with smarter people who are skiving off work an hour early in order to get home at all, and assuming I am not killed by fellow transit-goers for my massive armful of holiday-related crap, I should hit Maple Ridge about two hours after leaving Renfrew.

This would be the trip that normally takes forty minutes.


No seriously, this is ridiculous. This is unnatural.

*really, really over winter now*

On the upside, Very Warm Blue Socks V2.0 are coming along well.
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