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Yesterday's adventures

-Ants in the Christmas tree. Mum's, not mine. Which was funny, as while watching a movie veryverylate the night before last, hunched over my laptop with my back to the fireplace because the house was bloody cold, I thought I saw one crawl across my slipper. However, as it was 1:30 in the morning, I'd decided it was a hallucinatory ant after I'd completed the requisite flail-shudder and couldn't find it anymore. Apparently not. Huh. Got up in the afternoon to discover Mum and littlestsis cursing and squishing with paper towels. Bought a new one at the Triple Tree yesterday evening before Mum dropped me off at the SkyTrain, which so far as I know has not developed similar issues.

-Loans forms finally showed up. ABOUT BLOODY TIME. Took them over to the post office, and apparently they Expresspost everything governmental so it should either arrive today or tomorrow. Since Canada Post only truly shuts down on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I'll wait 'til Monday to call Canada Student Loans and make sure they received it. (And hope like hell they do, because at that point I will have a grand total of two days remaining in which to get everything processed or the money disappears, poof, like smoke. Interestingly, on the same day I received my quarterly loans statement, y'know, the one telling me how much I owe? And it includes the money they haven't given me yet. Which... huh. Right. Huh. That money had better appear, is all I'm saying. *baleful glare Eastward*)


-Went out for tea (last of the year before they close down for three weeks! *sad*) with mik100 and katrinaswift, and got caffeinated. Am about to go and get more caffienated. And possibly eat something.

-OH MY GOD IT IS SNOWING AGAIN WHY WHY WHY. Seriously, if it snows all night again tonight I might not be able to get out to Mum's tomorrow, at least not with, y'know, presents. And clothes, those are probably important, too. It was raining at Christmas last year. It was much more convenient.

-Very Warm Blue Socks I was making have hit a roadblock, as I discovered, 1.3 socks into the project, that of the very wooly Icelandic yarn I had remaining, I had enough for precisely 1.6 socks. Unfortunately the yarn shop on Main was closed when we got there (thank you very much, #3 bus, which stopped for no reason at the curb and kicked everyone out, forcing us to walk the remaining eight blocks), and while I suppose I could wait until the new year and our expedition to Point Grey where they may sell the same yarn, I'm impatient and have decided that instead I will tear apart both socks and start over again, making the cuffs, heels and toes different colours with the darker blue I have in the same yarn. I'm not convinced I could find the same exact yarn anyway, as apparently they've changed all their colour codes and the bands I've got do not match any of the colours I was able to find online. I'm pretty sure I know what the new colour code is, but I had to match by sight, and everybody knows you can't trust colour on the Internet. *shrug*

Also, I am compulsive and it would have to be exactly right and could not be exactly right, and this is why I am a crafty person by necessity (i.e. impossible crushing boredom/procrastination), not nature. Patterns are relaxing only when you can get them to work precisely to spec.

-Hopefully the roomie, who has spent the past two days getting her flights home cancelled, has landed safely in Edmonton and is at her parents' by now. I assume she has, as her flight was slated to leave at 2pm, but I can only assume as she has not updated her LJ since this morning. Well, we shall see. Vancouver is simply not designed for this weather and evidently YVR had all of one runway all day yesterday, but last I heard things had cleared up. (UNLESS IT SNOWED, OH WAIT.)
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