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GOOD: I got a postcard from miscellanny a couple of days ago! It has pretty Yuletide windows and made me flail on the sidewalk. :)

WTF: Alone among major Western nations, the U.S. has refused to sign a declaration presented Thursday at the United Nations calling for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.

Oh, America. How classy and grown-up you are. *makes face* Mr. Obama, you cannot take office soon enough for my taste.

ER...? Was up 'til 3:15 last night this morning, actually not reading fic as is the usual reason for my being up at 315AM but because I was finishing socks. Well, okay, I was reading fic (THIS sga_santa fic, to be precise - omgreaditreaditreadit!), but I was also finishing socks.

Though I must stretch them a little, as I think I may have made them a bit too small. Ha ha ha, I hear you laughing, people who have seen my real, wee feet. But yes. It can be done. At some point in the near future I must also go out to Point Grey, as I want to make this hat and need some weird silk/merino stuff that nobody else in Vancouver will admit to selling on their website.

UNCERTAIN: Still waiting on Loans forms, which have apparently been mailed. Which is... good? I think. Probably. Won't know for a few days. o.O

UGH: Still snow outside. Still confused. It is December, right?
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