Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

The evening, in order:

1. artemisiabrisol and I depart in plenty of time for the Amanda Palmer show.
2. Arrival at Granville. I realise I have forgotten my wallet, gah. We call calantha42 to bring it (like a tiny bullet!) to Commercial - we re-board the train for Commercial.
3. Crazy drunken man on SkyTrain is crazy - yelling, picking fights, rising threateningly to his feet: you know the type. First time in my experience it's been a cyclist, though. Helpful fellow passenger responds to our meaningful gestures and presses the Magical Yellow Silent Alarm Strip. Transit cops appear, like magic, on the platform at Commercial. We point helpfully to Crazy Ranting Drunken Cyclist and go on our merry way. (On our return in the opposite direction, Crazy Ranting Drunken Cyclist has been cuffed and is deep in conversation with lady transit cop wearing blue latex gloves (best not to speculate).
4. Wallet attained, we return to Granville and head for Richard's on Richards. Concert is, of course, delayed. We actually manage to get seats at the bar.
5. Intro by Neil Gaiman over stereo, but still. NEIL GAIMAN. Danger-something-or-other-I-have-forgotten-their-names (website says: The Danger Ensemble) are awesome. Amanda Palmer travels with her own backup dancers. I can never top that if I live to be five hundred years old.
6. Awesome Concert is Awesome. I get free button with purchase of CD. Says: "I killed Amanda Palmer." (Tipping gets you good stuff. Trufax.)
7. Side-trip to Tim Horton's on way back to Granville Station = let-me-give-you-free-donuts-as-we're-about-to-make-new-ones. FURTHER KARMIC PAYOFF.

Summary: Today before dark=suck. Today after dark=MADE OF AWESOME.

And now, as apparently I have to go back to Maple Ridge tomorrow morning to once again wait on the floor guy, I should probably sleep.

P.S. To the girls who were standing in front of us: I don't care how in love you are, stop making out inside my personal space and in my direct line of sight. You are blocking the show. Go make out over there. *shoos to the right*
Tags: amanda palmer, city, irl folk, music, neil gaiman

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