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I finally got sick of the Linux on my Eee (Shitty video, flaky wifi, PERPETUALLY CRASHING WORD PROCESSOR which was the big one - Star Office is made of fail), and so the last couple of days was devoted to exorcising mine and artemisiabrisol's Eee PCs and installing XP.

Verdict: SUCCESS! Only took *mumbletwentysixhours*, most of which involved nLiting XP, loading it to a CD, failing to boot the CD, loading it to a USB, failing to install, changing the installation file, repeat ad nauseum. The point is, I figured it out, and I've now done it twice, huzzah! Just now re-installing AVG and VLC and a few necessities on Madison and then I will have my poor little Eee all set up once more. *pets it*

Except for still having no skin. *pouts*

artemisiabrisol, who was also here (we came to my Mum's to make use of one of the family copies of Windows), was great help as cheering section, and nodding blankly when I swore at the BIOS, or the setup program, or the drivers. She compared me to St. George, which would have been a much more rousing simile if Linux's mascot weren't a penguin. St. George and the Penguin doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Ah, well. Point is: done. Now we have thirty days to call Microsoft and get our old SP1 key re-activated. Technically we used an SP3 disc to install to both, but we have at least two other valid, legally-purchased keys that Windows is claiming are invalid. Evidently if you use a post-SP1 disc to install and then use a pre-SP1 key to activate, it doesn't recognise it - so we're going to have to do what Dad used to do when this came up, namely: call India and shout at them until they relent.

Well, probably not shout. They give in to us pretty easy these days - probably comes of most people being too lazy after three re-installs to bother complaining, and going out and buying new copies, instead. (Which is, of course, what they hope you'll do.)

To do for tomorrow:
-Move Mum's network hub out of Dad's old office, upstairs into the kitchen.
-Catalog more books (good news: we're well over half since yesterday, bad news: we've probably got another 800 or so to go, gah).
-Get a haircut.
-Possibly Christmas shopping.
-Call and make appointments with dentist and doctor.
-Call student loans and demand to know WHERE THE HELL IS MY CHEQUE, IT IS ALMOST 2009. Called them, was told that NOW, the provincial government needed to issue me a NEW "certificate of eligibility," which by the way the last time I called, the National Loans people TOLD ME THEY HAD RECEIVED. So, called the provincial government, who told me I still had a federal restriction (from back when the idiots charged me loans payments even though I was a full-time student) on my file, and that was why they hadn't sent in the certificate. So back I went to the federal loans idiots, who told me I had to call back tomorrow, because their Case Review department is closed. Now I have to call back tomorrow and hope to god that they can sort it out, because until they send the BC government something called a Clearance Letter, BC won't send me the form I need to have filled out (AGAIN) and sent back by December 31st, OR I DON'T GET MY MONEY, BUT IT STILL GETS ADDED TO MY PRINCIPAL. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. *tears out hair*
-Sort out a lost Kelestia.com order that seems to have gone astray in France, someplace. We're pretty much going to have to send him a new copy of what he ordered, and we can't claim the insurance right now, because Canada Post is in the midst of their annual strike, but ah, well.
-Edit at least three chapters of Riverwend. I'm going to have to go back to Staples and buy some craft paper or something, because re-plotting the first section of this book is going to require index cards and possibly yarn.
-Write Xmas-present fic! I think there are at least three. o.O
-Wait for Mum's floor guy. Maybe. This does not appear to have been totally worked out. No floor guy today. Maybe floor guy tomorrow, but I won't be here.

And when I get home, Amanda Palmer and playing with my brand-new copy of Adobe CS4 Masters Collection. I love you too, educational pricing. :)


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Dec. 9th, 2008 07:41 am (UTC)
"Blankly" is being kind.

Guess what OS I'm typing from? One hint: It doesn't start with "Linux" and end with "sucks".

Good luck on your yelling tomorrow and the haircut. Wish that I could have stayed long to help with the books. But I think I may have left behind a little piece of myself at your mom's house, in the form of a ball of dirty laundry and towels on a chair that I meant to do... Well, I have no idea what I meant to do with them.

Would really nice index cards count as a Christmas gift?

Good luck with Maddy. McShep is sending her good vibes to join the Dark Side of the Window.

You are still My Hero, Hero.
Dec. 9th, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
Maddy is done, dare I type it. A note, though: save nothing to your C: drive. In fact, go into your My Documents and delete the folder called Setup. Windows and all its sundry drivers just about fills up the smaller partition and we wouldn't want to make it cranky... :)
Dec. 9th, 2008 01:47 pm (UTC)
Do you know a good place to get Atlantis Laptop stickers?
Dec. 10th, 2008 12:26 am (UTC)
If by stickers you mean skins, mytego.com is good - you can make a skin out of any image you want. (Unfortunately they don't have a template yet for the Eee PC)
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