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The end in sight

Draft of final Shakespeare paper's done, research proposal for nihilistically-post-modern-World-Lit class is done, vague outline for final rhetoric paper is done, and I even have notes. For the first time in about six weeks, I'm going to bed and it's only one o'clock. It's like an end-of-term miracle.

And okay, this being a notable event is probably pretty sad.

And tired. Especially as I must re-write one, and completely write two of the above papers before December 4th rolls around. Ah, well; at least I'm started, now. And I got permission from the rhetoric prof to use French-language as well as English-translation sources... it's a long story. If the paper turns out to be even remotely interesting, I might fill you guys in (Prediction: Not Likely).

MSP is making me pay the full amount we've been quibbling over - the amount I've been trying to get out of paying because when they charged it to me, I was completely broke and am still more or less broke. I'm still not clear on how I can charged out-of-pocket for a provincial service I'm required by law to be enrolled in, but whatever. Helpful lady at the MLA office shouted at them for me and they're going to fix it so I don't have to pay come January, which is good, as in January I will be unemployed, hopefully with just my much-belated student loan which at this point is more like a credit card re-imbursement, given the runaround they gave me this semester.

Summation: gods, am I ever looking forward to unemployment. 'M gonna take one week and do nothing but sleep and mess around with Harn for Dummies. Bring it on.
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