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SGA 514: The Prodigal

Preamble: *flail*

So, I watched this with Mum, as that's where I am tonight, and even Mum was clutching a pillow to her chest and gasping at appropriate intervals. I was much flailier, of course. Duh.

1. RC cars. Cheating. Elbow-oriented distraction tactics. Trash-talking. Teyla dancing out of the way while yelling, then yelling at the boys. The fumbling-stuttering on both their parts to get out of babysitting. EEE.

2. Ronon and mission reports. Oh, Richard. Of course you predicted that. And of course you had a digital voice recorder ready. (AND OF COURSE RONON'S MISSION REPORT GOES: "Michael tried to blow up the city. We stopped him. End of report." FTW.)

3. Okay, this is where I lose track of the awesome, because there is so much of it. Listed off, not-so-much in chronological order:

-Radek and Rodney bickering over whether it was a stun bubble or a force field. Rodney accidentally calling it a stun bubble and Radek's INCREDIBLE SMUGNESS. :D

-Poor Lorne walking head-first into the stun bubble. Oh, Lorne. He does faint prettily, though. Notice how his team seemed completely, utterly unsurprised by this?

-"Rodney, you've had two years." "It was next on my list, I swear!"
Which was the point where my mother choked on her tea and said: "My god, they're bickering like an old married..." and paused, and looked at me. "Oh, shut up."

-The little conversation in the jumper when John's about to go on the suicide mission. Oh, Rodney. You are so awkward when you try and show you care. But it's so utterly heart-meltingly sweet I had only high-pitched noises to offer this scene. A handshake. A handshake? And John's little face. I just.

-AMELIA BANKS, YOU ARE MY NEW HERO. Doesn't wait to be told, just knows what to do and then KICKS SOME GOONS IN THEIR HEADS. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THE TRANSCENDENTAL AWESOMENESS OF THIS. I may have actually scared the dog off the couch. Amelia's a civilian, right? She just happens to take KICKBOXING. (Apparently this is mostly due to the actress being a kickboxing instructor. I love you, Sharon Taylor. THIS MUCH.)

-Oh, Woolsey. Again. "Stay behind me." But is this so that he can protect her? No. It's so if they get shot at, he gets shot first, because she's carrying a baby and that's just common sense. Richard, you are a good man. And has anybody else been noticing that ever since The Lost Tribe he's sorta been going native? Like, levels of Lantea-centrist recklessness that would have made Elizabeth proud? I think I think this is aweseome - i.e. this city either turns everyone crazy or kills them - but I'm never completely sure.

-Radek's plan. Rodney's plan? To destroy Michael's jumper. You knew it was going to be something simple like that, because it always is, but I can't get over the hilarity of the conversation leading up to it, aside from the heart-clenching woobiness of the friendship stuff. Like how Rodney's lost count of how many suicide mission's John's flown and John's defense for his completely insane plan is that he's totally crashed jumpers into the control room before! It'll be FINE! *facepalm*

-Oh. Michael. Oh. I'm so very not-sorry you're dead, finally, but you were so evil in this episode. So crazy. Such a stalker. So sad. And then you died so good.

-I have nothing very clever to say about Michael finally dying except: WOO. YOU GO, TEYLA. And how calculated she was. You could just see her doing the math. "You've threatened my son twice now. No more chances." And balancing the morality against the math. And then STEPPING ON HIS FINGERS UNTIL HE FELL TO HIS HORRIBLE GRISLY DEATH. Given that I was sure they'd chicken out on this scene, I was perhaps more gleeful about Michael-the-pancake than I should have been. AND YET.

-Finally, is that or is that not the cutest fictional baby that has ever lived? Barring a couple of scenes where it's obviously a doll (My mother was griping about this - this seems to be her key gripe when it comes to modern sci-fi; bad fake babies. For the record, the newborn Torren-bot was apparently very convincing to a mother of three. So why they couldn't rustle up a bulkier - what is he now, ten months old? - fake baby for those scenes, I will never know.), he was adorable beyond all telling of it. And John and Rodney talking to the baby. I just. I don't. I'm not normally this susceptible to OMGBABY glee but that, right there. With the baby. And the BOYS. I just. *squeak*

My only real problem was with the jumper. I mean, I knew that would be important when it vanished - knew it knew it knew it. We all did. My only question is, how did they fly the cursed thing? I mean, I can think of a handful of ways it could have been done. Michael had Carson prisoner for two years, and this is the man who invented the gene therapy. It's not inconceivable that Michael included the ATA therapy into his hybridization process. But a mention would have been nice; a HEAD-NOD. ONE LINE, GUYS.

All in all, delighted, thrilled, ecstatic. This is why I fell in love with this show - the team, the city, the weirdoes who cannot be beaten without dying. And it would just figure that they get back into this groove SIX EPISODES before the series is unceremoniously terminated.

Figures. *kicks the floor sulkily*
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