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First: In the midst of the worst part of the Plague, on Monday, I got a postcard from dodificus! It made me feel much better for almost twenty minutes until I fell asleep in front of the TV again. Illness is extremely annoying that way. But look! *waves it in the air*

So, okay, this year we fail, fail, fail at Hallowe'en. daroos and I spent the morning and afternoon in Stanley Park, getting lost and getting wet - they've completely shut off Prospect Point for... I don't know, construction, maybe. And the maps? Not so much to scale. We ended up at Prospect Point when trying to reach the Hollow Tree. It was a travesty all 'round - a pretty travesty, anyway, which is something. Very pretty. Stanley Park is always worth it.

Aside: my cold is almost gone, just in time for my roommates to catch it. They're plotting my death as we speak.

Further Aside: I think it may be time to replace my rain jacket. The waterproofing may possibly have given up the ghost.

And then we tried to find pumpkins, but discovered that every grocery store in the city had sold out, or thrown them away, or given them to homeless people, I have no idea. So no jack o'lantern, which means no trick-or-treaters, which means... which meant we put on our jammies and watched Newsies and caught daroos up on season 3 of Atlantis.

(artemisiabrisol is now on board with me for the Newsies AU. Also we came up with some really horrible Road to El Dorado crack that I will leave to your imaginations. It needs to stew, a while yet, and anyway it isn't entirely mine.)

Ah, well. Hard to celebrate the new year with plague, and everything.

Tomorrow: Lynn Canyon, Chocoholic Buffet, Haunted Trolley.

Happy Hallowe'en, kids.
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